"All the instructors are amazing but Amber is fast becoming my favourite one! Her cues and form corrections are accurate, specific and insanely on target. It’s as if she is in the room with me! I love how she makes us work hard and sweat but with minimum movement!" - Elena

"I’ve just finished my first barre breathe class with Amber. Oh my goodness! (...) It was absolutely incredible. I feel peace and have a quiet mind I haven’t had for ages. (...) what a gift to make the space and have someone so kind and compassionate to guide you through as Amber. Completely in awe of what just happened. My MASSIVE thanks to Amber for such a wonderful class." - Rebecca

"I just wanted to say that I really really enjoyed the barreBREATH class with Amber today. It’s exactly what we need to counterbalance the stress and active life." - Aia

Amber brings technical expertise into class, focusing on form to help clients achieve the deepest burn and quickest results possible from their very first class.

After graduating from Arts Educational School in London, Amber embarked on an international career including soloist dancer at the famous Lido de Paris in Paris, France. She also performed in many West End shows and tours before retiring to have her daughter. When she is not teaching for Barrecore, Amber is a Relax Kids coach, teaching children about mindfulness and calmness in chaotic times.

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