Charlotté T

"Bethany, Claudia & Charlotté seem to be able to get 100% out of me every single lesson and when I think I have no more to give, through their supportive approach I can dig deeper. I feel on top of the world - strong and happy - after EVERY class. These girls are consummate professionals at the top of their game; a genuine joy and privilege to participate in, in turn making me feel totally committed and the results are starting to show! I was size 16 and dropped to size 14 after 2 months (and that includes not sacrificing every desire for chocolate!). I have signed up for a year as a result. It is tough but mentally and physically it is pure gold." - Joanne

Charlotté's classes give you that healthy challenge that you have been looking for. You will be finding that final push to help you gain extra strength - leaving you feeling empowered by your own physical and mental strength, alongside with a smile and some shaky muscles.

Of Norwegian origin, she is a professional dancer who discovered Barrecore when she was on the lookout for a workout method that could implement her dance practice. She fell in love with the technique, when she realized how it brought her a balance between strength and flexibility, while still preventing injury.

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Barrecore Instructor - Charlotte